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what does HelpDesk Services mean to you?
What does HelpDesk Services mean to you? It means having your own personal help-desk to call when you have a computer-related need. It means knowing that you have an expert you can rely on and will come to you when you don't know where else to turn. It means that you have more than 15 years of experience on-call, ready to make your problems disappear.

Service and Repair

You cannot use computers without eventually running into any number of problems, be it a virus, a failing part, communications problems, or Windows crashes. Sometimes the PC will just not do what you want it to. Solving these issues is our specialty. HelpDesk Services has seen just about everything, and we know how to deal with these problems. Do you have a crashing hard drive and need to save your data? Did your PC stop booting properly? Have you caught the latest virus? Can you no longer print or get onto the Internet? Have you tried performing an upgrade and just can't seem to make it work? We can solve all of these issues and more. Rely on our expertise and let us remove the obstacles that are keeping you from getting the most out of your computer.

Networking/Wireless Networking

Computer networking is something that we are all reliant on. From the office network to the Internet and now networking in the home, it is something that needs to be up and running and functioning well. If you want to share data, resources like printers, and even Internet access, you need a network. Network failures can be tricky, as the failure of many different components can cause lost connections. It could be a loose wire, a failed network card, or a configuration and/or protocol problem. We are very experienced with tracking down these issues and getting you back on-line. HelpDesk Services can also design and build a new network for your home or office. Another new and exciting technology that is becoming ever more popular is wireless networking. It is a great option for home users, as it removes the need for expensive and complex wire installations within the walls of your home. It also allows you to move computers at will, as they are no longer tied down by the location of a wall jack. Imagine being able to share Internet access among two or more computers no matter where they are! HelpDesk Services can make this a reality for you.

Hardware Installation/Upgrades

Do you want to give your PC new capabilities or replace a failed part? Maybe you simply want to breathe new life into an older system. We can do these things and more. HelpDesk services can add any upgrade to your computer. From motherboard and CPU upgrades, additional hard drive space, sound and video upgrades, to DVD burners, memory and more, we can bring your existing PC up to date and make it faster, more productive and fun. Don't wait. Call for an estimate and make your computer even better!

Data Transfer/Retrieval

This is one of our most important services! Everyone has information on their computers that they don't want to or CAN'T lose. Any kind of business information, personal or financial files, e-mail, address books, etc. is vitally important to most people. Unfortunately, most people are not as attentive to back-ups as they wish they were once they need them. You may have a failing hard drive, want to move data to a new computer, or recover from a Windows corruption. In all cases, you need a way to get your information back. HelpDesk Services can do this for you. Do not risk your data to guesswork or inexperienced recovery attempts. We know how vital this information is. Let the experts at HelpDesk Services get your data back safely.


Many major-brand computers ship with a CD called the System Recovery CD. The purpose of this disc is to completely reload all Operating System, Application, and Driver files, essentially reverting the PC to the state that it was in when new in the box. Many people rely on this disc to correct major Windows and other computer problems, and if starting from scratch is your goal, this is a great way to do it. What many people DO NOT know is that this program completely reformats the hard disk and wipes out any personal and business files along the way. Don't find this out the hard way! All Windows operating systems can be safely reloaded, giving you a fresh clean copy to work with if the original is corrupt or problematic, while maintaining all of the information on the computer. HelpDesk Services is expert with this procedure, as it is one of the most common things that we do for our customers. All personal files, as well as e-mail, address books, and drivers are maintained. Do not risk losing your valuable data. Call HelpDesk Services for safe system restoration.

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