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There are many advantages to having your next computer built for you instead of purchased off the shelf from the local big box store. We discuss your usage and needs and design the perfect computer just for you, with everything that you need for work and play. Never buy too little computer, and never pay for more than you want or need. And, they are perfectly universal with no proprietary parts, meaning that they are as easily upgraded and serviced as is possible.

premium quality and reliability

We only build using the absolute highest quality, name brand components, and every one of our computers is backed up with minimum
one full year of on-site service. Our computers just work. And, you never need to call out of the country or deliver the unit anywhere. No waiting, no bureaucracy, no voice-menu frustration. You talk to the actual people who built your computer, when you want.


Your new computer is like a finely tuned car, working efficiently and reliably. You want it to be responsive. Our computers are never loaded down with junk software that make them seem sluggish from day one, like the PC's from the big box stores. Never deal with pre-installed bloatware again! Say no to trial versions and crippleware that clutters your computer and slows it down. You want Microsoft Windows with all current updates, top-notch security software and the programs that you need to get what you want out of your computer, and nothing else. We deliver this and the tools to help keep it that way. With HelpDesk Services, you get quality, top performance, and the best service backing you up.

computing made fast and easy.

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